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Ventilation and Air Conditioning System

Our ventilation and air conditioning offer includes traditional VAC solutions and industry specific advanced solutions. Ventilation is used for the exchange of air to the outside as well as the circulation of air within the building.

Ventilation and Air-Conditioning systems are installed in all building types

1. Office buildings
2. Hotels
3. Hospitals
4. Banks

'VAC' refers to Ventilation and Air Conditioning, which can be used in buildings to:

1. Maintain internal air quality
2. Regulate internal humidity

Internal air quality can be maintained by a combination of introducing 'fresh' air into the building, extracting 'stale air' and by filtration. Ventilation may be natural, mechanical, or mixed mode (a hybrid system).
Humidity can be regulated by ventilation, dehumidification and humidification. Dehumidification is often provided alongside cooling as cooling air reduces the amount of moisture air is able to 'hold', resulting in condensation. 'Close' humidity control (to within 10%) can involve cooling and dehumidification, then re-heating and re-humidification.
Very broadly, VAC systems can be centralised in a building, or local to the space they are serving, or a combination of both (for example, local air handling units supplied by centrally-generated cooling). They may also be connected to a wider district heating or cooling network.
They may be integrated, with heating, ventilation and air conditioning provided by a single system, for example, air handling units connected to ductwork, or they may be a combination of separate systems, for example mechanical ventilation with radiators for heating and local comfort cooling units.

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