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Our technical disciplines are the following:
1. Security & Safety Solutions
2. Electrical Solutions
3. Automation & Communication Solutions
We offer these as combinations or separately as individual services.

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Audio Visual Systems

Year of 2020 saw a rise in the number of remote meetings. When people slowly started returning to their offices, AV(Audio-Visual) technology continued to enable smooth remote meetings due to their obvious cost-saving and travel reducing potential.

Modern AV systems enable more efficient work both on site and remotely. For example, videos and presentations can be viewed on larger screens, and video conferencing and lectures are effortlessly successful around the globe.

In modern AV systems, the most important thing is ease of use. When using quality components and ensuring their compatibility, users do not have to waste time thinking about how to turn on the monitor or where to find a suitable cable.

AV Solutions we provide are for:

1. School premises
2. Offices
3. Public Sector Buildings

The integration of AV systems into building technology enables new types of services

AV systems include, for example, monitors, audio equipment, microphones, cameras, and conference systems. Proper installation ensures that the spaces remain ergonomic and clean.

Presentation equipment

One of the most important and typical uses of AV systems is presentation technology. We help you choose the right solutions for your premises, from high-quality and easy-to-connect screens to video conferencing systems that enable location-independent meetings.

Presentation technology is constantly becoming more versatile and IT is fully integrated with various video and audio transmission systems as well as control systems. That’s why presentation technology is increasingly being procured as a service, allowing you to leave the maintenance and updating of systems to us.

Why buy AV systems from us?

We always implement solutions in a user-oriented way to serve the individual needs of your organization and help you choose the right product.

Long experience, strong expertise and strict quality criteria ensure the quality of our operations

All AV and presentation systems can also be purchased as a ready-made package that includes a maintenance service. This way, we are responsible for the operation of the entire system throughout its lifecycle and your organization does not have to make large one-time investments.

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