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Our technical disciplines are the following:
1. Security & Safety Solutions
2. Electrical Solutions
3. Automation & Communication Solutions
We offer these as combinations or separately as individual services.

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Increased Security with Biometric Identification system

Biometric Identification System has gained acceptance over the years thanks to the limited success of physical checks in safeguarding vital assets during a world that grows more dangerous by the day. This method has been used by public and commercial agencies to secure their assets against theft and misuse by miscreants. Conditional access through biometric security has become all the more important after the increasing incidences of theft activities in the modern world.
With a Biometric Identification system guests can be identified while at the same time allowing access to clients and employees. If required, Biometric Identification system can be connected to CCTV and access control systems.

What we Offer

Engineering: installation of Biometric Identification system
Technical Maintenance: repair and maintenance of Biometric Identification equipments
Project Execution: deployment and training

Leasing contract for door and gate intercom system

Our offering also includes engineering, installation, repair and maintenance services for Biometric Identification systems at reasonable prices. The service contract covers the equipment, spare parts, on-site repair and annual maintenance.

We provide Security, Electrical and Automation Solutions for your place.