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Our Solutions

Our technical disciplines are the following:
1. Security & Safety Solutions
2. Electrical Solutions
3. Automation & Communication Solutions
We offer these as combinations or separately as individual services.

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High-performance cabling solutions

Generic cabling is an ideal and cost-efficient way of implementing telecommunication connections in a property. We install cables and related systems for data and telephone connections as well as for security systems in retail and office premises.

We can implement your existing plans or you can get the entire solution from us on a turnkey basis: plans, cabling, connections, measurements and installation work. We provide solutions for new buildings and renovation sites. We are not dependent on any single supplier, which is why we can modify our solutions according to your specific requirements.

We offer cabling solutions as follows

1. Data communications
2. Security systems
3. Generic cabling for AV(Audio-Visual) systems
4.Telephone networks
5.Telecommunications equipment

A slow and unreliable data network makes work and life difficult. In offices, organisational changes give rise to new requirements which call for quick responses. Caverion fulfils your cabling requirements quickly from design to implementation. Installation is carried out by our skilled and qualified technicians. No project is too large or too challenging for us.

Our modern, state-of-the-art instruments are calibrated yearly. Thanks to our extensive resources, we can deliver projects at short notice. If required, we carry out the electrical installation as well, so you will not need to use two separate suppliers. This will save you time and money.

Our Offerings

Project execution for generic cabling: planning, installation, project development, cables, connections
Specialty services: measurements
Technical Maintenance

We provide Security, Electrical and Automation Solutions for your place.