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Our technical disciplines are the following:
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Solar Power System Installation

We provide solutions that use solar energy, and demand for these is increasing. In the future, electricity will increasingly be generated from renewable energy sources. The cost of solar power has remained stable while systems have become more efficient.

Things that make photovoltaic cells a good alternative, even when it is not summer:

1. The cool climate easily cools heat-absorbing solar panels and improves panel efficiency
2. The rainy climate rinses solar panels and keeps them clean
3. The rough surface of the solar panels effectively collects the sun's diffuse radiation, even in the winter
4. By making the installation angle as acute as possible, the sun's rays can be recovered, even in the winter.

Source of Green electricity

Photovoltaic properties generate renewable energy themselves, providing both self-sufficiency and energy-efficiency. Using renewable energy greatly reduces the carbon footprint, as it reduces the amount of electrical energy purchased from the grid.
Solar power has a wide range of uses, including powering air conditioning, cooling, lighting and heat pumps, and charging electric cars. Solar panels can also be installed by integrating them into a car roof, into a wall or as a window opener.

Considering the financial return of solar power

Careful planning ensures a profitable investment. The self-contained power generation of a well-designed object pays back the initial investment and then starts to generate profit.
We work together with the customer to find solutions suitable for each item.

What we Offer

Engineering: Selecting correct technology
Technical Maintenance: maintenance of solar power supply systems, inspection visits, 24/7 breakdown service
Project Execution: deployment and training

We provide Security, Electrical and Automation Solutions for your place.